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One Computer Classrooms
Strategies and Applications for the One Computer Classroom
Using The Internet In The One Computer Classroom
Ideas for the One Computer Classroom
Using Technology in the Classroom: The One Computer Classroom
The One Computer Classroom: Adapting Some Classic Uses
Doing Lots with One Classroom Computer
Maximizing the One-Computer Classroom
Technical Solutions for the One Computer Classroom
The One Computer Classroom
Surviving in the One-Computer Classroom
The One Computer Classroom
A brief bibliography of resources and ideas for the one-computer classroom
Using One Computer In the Classroom to Teach
One Computer Classroom
- Class structure, ideas and lesson tips
Ways to Teach in a One Computer Classroom
- Excellent site giving examples of use of the computer as a presentation tool, an administration tool, and an integration tool.
Writing in the One Computer Classroom
-teaching and managing ideas.
Ideas for the One-Computer Classroom
The One-Computer Classroom: From Reward to Treasure
Hotlist On the One-Computer Classroom Class
One-Computer Classroom: Project Based Learning
Tip Sheet: Strategies for Managing Students on One Computer
Creating Forms 
Developing a School Technology Plan 
National Center for Technology Planning 
Louisiana State Plan for Educational Technology
Professional Development
Region 8 Teaching, Learning , Technology Center 
INTECH 2 Science
- spyware removal tool
- spyware removal tool
- software that helps you instantly find, edit and share all the pictures on your PC.
Student Resources
Computers for Louisiana's Kids (CLK) 
Statewide Distributive Learning Network
Online Database Resources
     EBSCO - Research Databases
     World Book Online
     For access at home - Ask your teacher for ID and password
     For access at school -
Computer Resources
What Is the Computer?
Visit this tutorial to learn about computer basics.
Learn HTML for Kids
Get up to speed with the basics in 12 easy lessons. If you want to learn more about text formatting and table design, this is the place!
Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy 101: Computer Basics
The lessons in this Web site cover computer basics. Learn about different computer types, applications, input devices, processing, output devices, storage, and more!
Create Your Own Web Page
This is a step-by-step guide to get you started creating your own pages
for the World Wide Web.
Computer Basics
Learn about computer basics: the history of computers, hardware,
software, ethics, and applications.