Parent and Student Resources

Homework Louisiana
Connects students to a live tutor online for one-to-one help with homework, studying and test preparation in all core academic subjects including math, science, social studies and English.

Web site on learning disabilities for parents, teachers, and other professionals
Internet Picture Dictionary
A Maths Dictionary for Kids
Science News for Kids
For students age 9 - 13 

The purpose of this site is to provide a user friendly online resource, for students or teachers, no matter what they are being challenged to write.
NCES Students' Classroom
Education information and activities for students
Clifford the Big Red Dog Website
Students made online Valentine's Day cards featuring Clifford the big red dog!
Carve a Pumpkin
Fortune Teller
Halloween Memory Game
Hershey's Monster Match
Hershey's Safety Quiz
Pumpkin Puzzle
Alphy's Wacky Water Machine
See if you can use the right parts to make a water machine!
Alien: Assembly Required
Here's your chance to build an alien!
Animal Hangman
See how well you can classify animals and play hangman at the same time!
See if you can hit your opponent's battleships and sink them first!
Between the Lions
Lots of fun games for lower grade level students!
This website has games for students in 3rd - 8th grades.
Brain Train
This website has games for all grade levels including Spell a Puzzle, Flying Math, Time Flies, Mancala Snails and more!
All sorts of fun games to play at this site!
Crayola Jigsaw Puzzles
Choose from the four pictures and see how long it takes you to put the puzzle pieces together!
Football Hangman
If you like football and know how to play hangman, you will love this game!
Fraction Frenzie
Try this fast-paced matching game. Match the equivalent fractions before the time runs out!
A Game a Day
This website has a game for every day in the month. Go ahead a play them all!
Geography Quiz
See how muh you know about United States geography. Be careful... three strikes and you are out!
Go George Go
Help George deliver ice cream to Arthur and his friends!
Select the level you want to play!
Jigsaw Puzzles
Have fun putting puzzles together!
Kids Gamer
- a safe way for kids to spend a portion of their free time
Kid's Place Games
This website has four games to play!
Letter Rip
See how many letters you can connect together to make a word!
Use your mouse to cut out a snowflake!
Math Baseball
Answer a math problem correctly and get a hit! Three outs and the game is over!
Math Mayhem
Are you ready to put your math skills to the ultimate challenge? Here is your chance to compete head-to-head in an exciting, fast-paced, multi-player arena.
Math Tic Tac Toe
See if you can solve the math problems and get tic tac toe!
Planet Peace Word Search
Click on the letters to find a word!
Planet Zug
You're a prisoner on Planet Zug... play this game to win your freedom!
Power Football
Select a math level, answer a math problem, and score a field goal!
Present Match Game
Match presents together as fast as you can. See if you can beat my time of 64 seconds!
Quick Flash Multiplication
See how well you know your multipication facts!
Rags to Riches
Do you know what the difference is between a simple subject and predicate in a sentence? Play this game and find out!
Sparky's Firetruck Game
Quick, Sparky needs your help! See how fast you can get your firetruck to the fire.
Spelling Match Game
Match letters together and spell words!
Touchdown Trivia
How much do you really know about football?
2-Minute Brain Quest
Play this 2-minute game and add your initials and score on the Brain Quest Challenge Scoreboard!
Waiter, There's a Fly in My Soup!
Unscramble the letters in the soup and make a word!
Water Quiz
See how much you know about one of our greatest resources... water!
Whomp, King of the Monsters
See if you can win this game and become the King of the Monsters!
Word Jungle
Swing through the jungle to reach Tukka's treasure!
123 Order
Alien Scavenger Hunt
Alphabet Zoo
Arthur Online Games
Between the Lions
Buzzing With Shapes
Cat at Bat
Clifford's School House Scamble
Clifford's Sound Match
Connect the Numbers Game
Fearless Frieda, Big Kahuna
Fearless Frieda, Skateboarder
Fish World Game
Krazy Kritter Games
Leo the Letter Loving Lobster
Make A Snowman
Monkey Business
Paw Park Alphabet Bears
Picture Match
Reggie the Rhyming Rhino
Time Flies
What's In the Bag?
Word Drop
Fall Match Game
Thanksgiving Word Search
Turkey Puzzle
Turkey Trivia Game
Online Magazines For Kids
How Stuff Works Express
This free online magazine is for grades 4 through 8. "The idea behind How Stuff Works Express is to bring the interesting, fun, educational articles and ideas of the How Stuff Works Web site right onto each student's desk. The magazine is full color and 24 pages long, and it has a companion Web site that lets students dig even deeper."
National Geographic for Kids
Features on this online magazine include Amazing Animals, Wild and Wacky, What in the World?, World News, and a daily Fun Fact.
Weekly Reader
Express your views, share poems, and check out the articles.
ChickaDEE Magazine
For children ages 5-9, these puzzles, games, and activities offer colorful photos and unusual stories about animals and people.
American Girl
This online magazine for girls has puzzles, games, and quizzes. Visit School Smarts to read a tip or send a tip.