Civil Rights Officer

Prince Ella Williams
Phone:  318-283-3412

Mrs. Prince Ella Williams was appointed as the Civil Rights Officer for the Morehouse Parish School System.  The appointment was conducted in order to be in compliance with the federal desegregation order. The premise of this job is to ensure that the district’s policies and practices regarding student assignments and transfers, hiring and assignment of employees, quality of education (discipline and harassment), and school construction and site selection will be reviewed and/or revised if necessary to ensure that discrimination doesn’t exist.  Every employee, parent, student, etc., has the right to report any witnessed or experienced racial or sexual discrimination to his/her immediate supervisor or those designated by the Superintendent to receive complaints.  Anyone who has experienced any type of discrimination or harassment is to report it immediately and follow the district’s policy on prohibiting racial discrimination or harassment.  Please contact Mrs. Williams to inquire about the status of your grievance/complaint.