Beekman Charter School

Our mission for the creation of Beekman Charter School is to make available to all students a high-quality education which will not only enable them to achieve academically, but will also allow them to grow personally and to mature socially. We are dedicated to excellence and committed to encouraging lifelong learning and responsible citizenship. It is our vision that students will not only gain the knowledge and skills to succeed in today’s world, but will also develop the character and sense of personal responsibility that will prepare them for a promising future.

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Principal: Mr. Roy McCoy

Assistant Principal: Ms. Jackie Wilmore

Operations Manager:  Mr. Heath Murry

Curriculum Coordinator and
Compliance Officer
:  Dr. Tammy Whitlock

Guidance Counselor:  Mrs. Heather Doles

Secretaries:  Mrs. Becky Coody
Mrs. Niki Potter

Business Manager:  Mrs. Lisa Cox